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Archangel Gabriel has a remarkable position as one of the few cultural figures who plays an important role in more than one major religion. He is refered to in the Old Testament as appearing to Daniel. In Christian tradition he appears to the Virgin and to Zachariah. In Islamic tradition he is renowned for dictating the Holy Koran to the Prophet Mohammed.

The frequent references to Gabrial in literature and Art mean more than any other Gabriel defines most people's idea of what an angel is. In particular the potent image of Angel Gabriel announcing the impending birth of the Messiah to Mary has inspired generations of artists in the process creating one of the most iconic images of Western culture.

This blog collects together a collection of links and information about the references to Archagel Gabriel through the centuries.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005


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Holiday lovers, the holy flash of incorporeal forces surpass reason and mind and warm the World with rays ever so bright. That is not corporeal nature, but unsensitive nature that shines with the rays of reason from the divinity itself. Around the throne of God they gather flickering their wings and hiding their faces singing holy songs to God: "The world, world, world, God Allmighty, is full with your glory!"

Happily deceased with divine light, ones are called to the thrones where the strength and power of the holy trinity lies, while others become cherubs and seraphs, six-winged and four-rayed, with many eyes, friends of strength and power, and friends of the lordship. Others are angels and archangels, numerous army, each in its row leading forward in their order. They always represent the glory of God, while others are sent to secular posts; some for punishment and revenge, others to trace the path of believers to salvation and joy, as He did long ago when He showed Moses in Mount Sinai the divine blackberry that flickered in flames but never burnt out. That same Moses saw a shadow in the Mount made by an angel cherub by throwing shodow on both sides of the altar and appeared before him while he was praying to God and uttering: "Lord, if I am in grace then show yourself to me clearly so that I can see you and know that I am in grace". God answered: "All right, I will fulfill your wish. You have found grace in me". And Moses said: "Show me, my Lord, your glory so that I can see that I have found grace in you". God answered: "You cannot see my image because humans cannot see my image and remain alive. But, stand next to this stone and I will cover it with my hand when passing by so that you can see my back, but you will not be able to see my face". And them when Moses saw the back of God's glory, his face became bright from the sunlight. He covered his face with a rag and that was how he talked to the people because they could not look at his face because of the light. Thus, prophet Isaiah, whose word was heard all over said: "I saw God on a throne high, and seraphs stood around Him, each with six wings, and they all sang holy songs saying: "World, world, world, God Allmighty, let all the Earth feel His glory". Then, the same Isaiah said: "When Ezekiel was sick, the Jewish czar, the Assyrian czar went against him. He wanted to takeover the city. The czar was sad because of the war that was threatening and he prayed to God saying: "Remember, Lord, I went in front of You with the truth and with a calm heart and I committed good deeds in Your name". God answered him: "Do not fear, he will not enter your city, neither will he throw one arrow or spear because I will protect and save the city for myself, for David, my servant". And so the angel of God came down and killed 185 000 men from the Assyrian army and in the morning when they woke up they found them dead.

Such is the power of those incorporeal divine servants. They have the great archstratig Mihail for their commander who is in charge of the incorporeal forces. One angel was in charge of creation and supervisor of order and he was neither cunning nor evil, but gentle when created by God. And thus full with gentleness, he changed from gentle into evil and thought that he could confront his Creator and God. But, archstratig Mihail could not stand his violence and severeness and threw him on Earth together with his incorporeal titles and the leftsovers that he called angels. He became their commander and because he was evil he was deprived from God's light. They became suseptible to curses and were transformed into rageful angels of beauty tormented for times to come. Evil cannot mix with divine gentleness, as evangelist John said in his prophecy: "War began in heavan and archangel Mihail and all his troops fought the dragon and stripped off his title". So said Judas, the holy apostle, Jacob's brother. He said that the great archangel Mihail, when he was fighting the evil, was forbidden to utter blasphemy judgement against him, but he said: "Let God forbid that, you trash!"

All with a title belonging to a legion feasting with holiness and divine beauty and with desire and willingness to keep their legion with gentleness where each of them have been given a different gift should have such a zeal towards God and their Maker. God gave all wonders and welfare to human beings with the great archstratigs. For ones it means victory over the competitiors, for others gentle news about the joys of the Earth.

Appraisals cannot be uttered by words, neither can reason express them with dignity. But, inspite of all limitations, as much as we can achieve, sending them our hopes, let us all reflect their unexpressed grace and their struggle against all harms. With these archstratigs God filled the heavans with miracles and decorated the Earth with wanders. They take care of the heavanly army, each in its order, preserving the four ends of the Earth, the horisons of the seas, on God's command, without spilling over the edges, human's nature remains untouched by all the passions, the rage disappears from the banished destroying the illusion of the idols from the roots and decorating the church splendidly when sending holy harmoniuos songs to God. They got rid of all heretics and true faith started to flourish by wedding true confessioners. They can get rid of all harms and cure all sicknesses.

We bow to them unanimously and joyfully and appraise them in our songs singing: "Rejoice, archstratig Mihail, you are the first commander by order of the incorporeal forces, rejoice, archstratig Gabriel, the first informer of joyful news, rejoice, archstratig Mihail, the first scipterbearer of the indivisible Trinity, rejoice, archstratig Gabriel, the true servant of eternal trinity light, rejoice, archstratig Mihail, illuminated with the rays of eternal brightness that throws light over the whole world, rejoice, oh, Gabriel, for making the universe joyful and for wedding Zaharie's old age with the gentle news of John the Baptist and for making sterile nature fertile, rejoice, archstratig Mihail, for winning the master of darkness for which you stand with dignity next to the throne of God, rejoice, archstratig Gabriel, the bringer of news about God's corpeal being, rejoice, arhstratig Mihail, for being under the eternal light of the divinity of the sun, rejoice, archstratig Gabriel, for the eternal word of the light of the Father, holy news-bringer, your voice was heard all over the Earth, and your news brought joy to the pure and innocent Mother of God who concieved without semen but just with God's ray.

Rejoice, all you passionate fighters of all who found refuge under your roof because by guiding the mortals with your faith you took them through hell and demolished the tombstones informing the bringers of peace about the joy of resurection. When you won the forces of hell in the graves you called out: "Open the door, dukes, to let the Emperor of Glory in!", and they were frozen with fear and falling down as dead they said: "Who is that Emperor of Glory?" Again the incorporeal archtratigs with incorporeal forces answered: "God virtuous and strong, God strong in combat - he is the Emperor of glory".

Everywhere in the commission of God, enemies emerged with the speed of lightning. Those were defeated, and the loyal were rejoicing. When you appeared on the grave, you honoured the disciples of your God. One sat next to the heard, the other next to the feet where the body of Jesus Christ laid and you said: "Why are looking for the living among the dead, he's not here, he got up as it was written". And when God ascended the sky, standing in front of the apostles you said: "Why are you standing and staring in the sky? Jesus who ascended the sky will be back again the way you saw him going in the sky!" That is how one should honour God, our Maker.

The whole universe is lit by them, the image of a prophet is filled with spiritual grace and fulfills the prophecy. The patriarchs and all just people are wedded with them, they enable the apostle images to send holy songs to God, with them the many martyrs with beautiful wreaths are immensely happy.

With them the inhabitants of the deserts, with nearly dead passion for life, ended their lives, with them the graves will open at the last day and the dead bodies will raise alive from the holy voice. The devil himself with all his rages will be tied and thrown into eternal pain by them and the compassionate God will save us. So, glory be to Him, to his eternal Father and to his Gentle Ghost, now and forever more, amen.