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Archangel Gabriel has a remarkable position as one of the few cultural figures who plays an important role in more than one major religion. He is refered to in the Old Testament as appearing to Daniel. In Christian tradition he appears to the Virgin and to Zachariah. In Islamic tradition he is renowned for dictating the Holy Koran to the Prophet Mohammed.

The frequent references to Gabrial in literature and Art mean more than any other Gabriel defines most people's idea of what an angel is. In particular the potent image of Angel Gabriel announcing the impending birth of the Messiah to Mary has inspired generations of artists in the process creating one of the most iconic images of Western culture.

This blog collects together a collection of links and information about the references to Archagel Gabriel through the centuries.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Angel Gibril reveals himself to the Prophet

Angel Gibrail (Gabriel) in Islamic Art

These Turkish miniatures, depict the Angel Gibril (Gabriel or Gibrail) appearng to Prophet Muhammed, may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.
Gibril is believed by Muslims to have dictated the Holy Koran to Mohammed (S.A.W) and to have taken The Prophet to Jerusalem

In Islamic art the aura of a holy person or being is depicted as a fiery ring surrounding them