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Archangel Gabriel has a remarkable position as one of the few cultural figures who plays an important role in more than one major religion. He is refered to in the Old Testament as appearing to Daniel. In Christian tradition he appears to the Virgin and to Zachariah. In Islamic tradition he is renowned for dictating the Holy Koran to the Prophet Mohammed.

The frequent references to Gabrial in literature and Art mean more than any other Gabriel defines most people's idea of what an angel is. In particular the potent image of Angel Gabriel announcing the impending birth of the Messiah to Mary has inspired generations of artists in the process creating one of the most iconic images of Western culture.

This blog collects together a collection of links and information about the references to Archagel Gabriel through the centuries.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Representation of a female or androgynous Gabriel

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The Archangel Gabriel.

The Archangel Gabriel. Yet another piece for the Archangel project.

She is the angel of the Annunciation, Resurrection, Mercy, Vengeance, Death, and Revelation.

The entire painting is 20x28 inches, done in watercolor. I've had a number of people already ask me about my choice to paint Gabriel as a woman.

In fact, if you look through much religious art, you will find that if not common, there are many representations of a female or androgenous Gabriel.

She is unique as the only female in the higher echelons.

Stephanie Pui-Mun Law